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What kind of insurance must a roofing contractor carry?

Jun 27


If you're not in the construction industry, you may not be aware of roofing services for residential homes within your vicinity. After all, the average homeowner isn't required to replace their roofs often.

If you're currently trying to find a roofing professional for your home, you might be unsure of your selection. It's clear that roofing is a complex business and you don't want to settle for the lowest cost. How do you make the right decision from the numerous residential roofing companies that are in your neighborhood? Steadfast roofing is an excellent choice. We're quick and reliable.


You can narrow your search by researching which roofing contractors insurance firms offer. In the end, roofing is hazardous work, so you should only hire one that is insured with all the insurance that roofing contractors are required to have. Otherwise, you may face potential liability if a negative incident occurs at the site of uninsured contractors.


Certain states also require that roofing contractors are insured. If a roofing company does not meet this standard what is the amount you should be able to trust them to put up an entirely new roof on your house?


Here's what you need to be aware of regarding roofing contractor insurance. Knowing this information will assist you in choosing the ideal roofing contractor for the job. You will only get the choices in the form of repair for leaks in the roof near me.


The Types of Insurance Roofing Contractors Need

All roofing companies must have two major types of roofing contractor insurance: general liability and workers' compensation.


General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

General liability insurance covers in the event that roofers cause damage to your property or injure the property of a non-worker.


As an example, imagine that a roofer climbs to your roof to repair a couple of shingles close to your chimney. While working on your roof a worker accidentally hits the chimney's edge and breaks some bricks. The broken bricks fall to land on the head of the delivery driver visiting your property.


General insurance of liability for roofing contractors will cover damage to your property , as and injuries to the head of the delivery driver.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Don't believe in companies that don't safeguard their employees. Examine the safety score of each roofing firm. The roofing company you choose for your residential home should carry workers' compensation insurance to protect them as well as their customers.


Imagine a roofer is injured an injury of a serious nature when working on your property. Roofers have the potential to die due to their dangerous work although it's hard to contemplate.


Workers' compensation provides for employees who fall ill or injured while working and are unable to be back at work.


Furthermore, imagine what could happen to you if a worker was to be seriously injured while on your property. The homeowner may be held responsible in the event that the worker or their family members aren't adequately protected.


We know most homeowners don't consider these "what could happen ifs" when they hire an expert residential roofing contractor to complete a task. It could be disastrous to not verify the company's insurance coverage.


Choose the most suitable roofing contractors in your area for residential use by selecting only insured businesses. You should ask for proof of insurance. Any subcontractors who may be on your property to show evidence of insurance.

Steadfast roofing is the most secure choice

Unlike some fly-by-night roofing companies that appear after storms in order to secure work roof leak repair specialists are the safe choice of residential roofing companies. We have the proper roofing contractor insurance in every state we service.


To get a free roof inspection Request proof of insurance. Schedule an appointment now.


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