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How to choose the best photo session for your family?

Jan 30


Once you have decided on the date and time of your session, choosing your ideal location is the second most important aspect. Puretouch Photography photographs all sessions outdoors with natural light (except for newborn sessions) to best suit our style of photography. It allows kids to play around and truly be their typical, rumbustious playful kind of .... as well as the parents!

When you're deciding on the right location, we'll inquire about your kids as well as your personal life. We will ask you about the activities you love as a family and what you'd prefer to do with the finished products. Then, choose a location that best suits your needs.


Our top spots have been chosen as places where we can create a safe space for your family with beautiful lighting, a range of stunning backdrops, and most importantly, shielding from sun or wind. We prefer large areas of bushland as well as beaches, parks and to be ideal because there's plenty of space for moving.


First, choose a type.

1. Bush setting

It is the most popular option we have for our customers. If your family likes to camp, hike, go for walks, or simply get out into nature We can recommend a beautiful bushland reserve nearby with lots of photo spots. The best thing about being in the forest is that you'll have no witnesses, which makes it easier to unwind and enjoy yourself.


2. Park

Think of flowers, lawns, and rows upon rows of trees. Parks could be the best place to take your children if they love running around and playing in the lawn that is mowed. We suggest staying away from playgrounds, however, since you'll be able to get better pictures when children are at ease with their families.


3. Beach

There are many great beaches in Las Vegas and if your family loves the sand, then there's a place where a Las Vegas family photographer should be taking your photos. Photographs of Las Vegas beaches are best done during the morning or later afternoon since there's the least amount of shade. This makes the most effective use of gorgeous, appealing lighting.

You can find the perfect dog-friendly beach or one with nearby grasslands, a pier or beach boxes to add some interest.

4. Home

Your home is the perfect location for newborn sessions (with the heater turned up) as well as a backup option if the family photo session can't be scheduled anew-like. visiting relatives or celebrating any other special event. Outdoor sessions are preferred because it is difficult to keep out background noises if there isn't a huge yard or a house that has lots of windows. Home sessions are great for families as the children are comfortable and don't have to think about the weather.


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